BlackBird Japan presents “Pokemon – Elite Trainer Box “Eroeferreo”“. Are you ready to collect them all?

What can you find in this “Elite Trainer Box“?

  • 9x Booster Packs “Paradosso Temporale”
  • 1x Promotional Card of Saccoferreo
  • 65x Sleeves with Eroeferreo
  • 45x Energy Cards of the Pokemon GCC
  • 1x player guide for scarlet expansion and Eroeferreo
  • 6x dice Signals damage
  • 1x launches-mother dice valid for the races
  • 2x Special Conditions Signals in Plexiglas
  • 1x collector’s box equipment equipped with four dividers to preserve and organize all the content
  • 1x card for the Pokemon Live Card Card Card Card

This set is in Italian language.

Protect your Booster Boxes and cards with our sleeves and our soft protectors!

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