Black Bird is the Italian reference point for the world of nerdy collecting

Are you a nerd and a collector at heart? Look no further than Black Bird, the Italian company specializing in products for collectors. With a range of items like collectible cards, graded cards, sealed card boxes, plush toys, Funko Pop, video games and much more, Black Bird has quickly become the go-to for graphic collectors in Italy.

Boasting more than a decade of experience in the field of graphic collections, Black Bird offers an extensive collection of items from successful franchises such as Pokémon, One Piece, Weiss Schwarz, Union Arena, Build Divide.

The expert team at Black Bird puts in rigorous effort to curate, pack, and sell all the items to ensure that customers have a safe and satisfying purchase.

In summary, Black Bird is the company for you if you’re looking for the best quality products at competitive prices. Don’t settle for average – come and see the amazing collection at Black Bird!

Black Bird offers you the best services!

Support always available

Our support is fast, efficient, and automated with qualified operators always available. We guarantee immediate responses via chat to ensure customer satisfaction.

Quick order

To order from us, add the product to the cart and pay using one of the available methods. You will receive confirmation of your order and the product will be shipped within a few days. Our customer service is always available at any time.

Fast delivery

Our shipments are fast, secure, and well packaged to guarantee maximum product protection during transportation. We are committed to meeting customer needs and maintaining high safety standards. Our priority is to offer a reliable and professional service.

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