BlackBird Japan presents “Pokémon – Bauletto Avventura a Paldea“. Are you ready to collect them all?

What can you find in this “COLLECTOR“?

  • 7x Holographic Promotional Cards of Pikachu, Sprigitito-Ex, Pawmi, Pawmo, Pawmot-Ex, Tandemous and Maushold-EX
  • 1x Sticker sheet
  • 1x mini -cacker
  • 1x pikachu squishy
  • 6x Pokémon GCC expansion envelopes
  • 1x Code Code for the Pokémon Live GCC

This Collector is in ITALIAN language.

Protect your Booster Boxes and cards with our sleeves and our soft protectors!

Peso 0,300 kg

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