JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a mangaand animeseries > created byHirohiko Araki. The series is divided into nine parts (currently in 2024), each of which follows the adventures of a different descendant of the Joestar family< /strong>.

The story begins in England of 1880 with Jonathan Joestar.< /strong> The young heir of a rich family is forced to live with an orphan boy adopted by his family, the evil Dio Brando. Dio, after having sought and obtained vampiric power through the use of an ancient Stone Mask, attempts to kill Jonathan by setting fire to the house in which they lived together.

The story continues in 1938 with Joseph Joestar, Jonathan‘s nephew, who must face the Men of the Pillar , a race of immortal beings that threaten humanity.

In1987,Jotaro Kujo, Joseph‘s nephew, embarks on a long journey that will finally take him toEgypt to seek God, who seems to have returned to life.

JoJo’s adventures take place in various historical periods and in different parts of the world. Each part features different characters and themes, but is always characterized by fast-paced action, spectacular combat and an atmosphere of adventure and mystery.

The series has been praised for its originality, its distinctive graphic style and its humor. It has become a true cult phenomenon, with millions of fans around the world.

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