The most famous detective in the world awaits you on these pages! Which mysteries will he have to solve? Which enemies will he have to face? Immerse yourself in his world of intrigue and investigations and discover the truth together with Conan and his friends!

The work was born in Japan way back in 1994 and was published in the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday, where it is currently still in course. It will then arrive in Italy in 2005 in the tankobon format that we all know, while the anime preceded it, arriving in 2002 on our TV screens.

The plot tells the story ofShinichi Kudo, a young high school student who is very skilled at solving mysteries and investigations to which the local police are unable to find solutions. He aims to be the “new” Sherlock Holmes, who is also the detective who inspires and admires him. One day, some men in black, during a day at the park, attack the boy and make him ingest a particular serum that will make him wake up the following day in the body of a child. The boy’s goal is to discover why he was transformed into a child by these shady figures and to be able to keep his identity secret using a false identity and an invented name , that of Conan Edogawa.

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